The Gnome project features where I put most of my day-to-day work. I'm a packager, maintainer and tester. The project aims for a lovely degree of simplicity, which makes it a great work environment. Its no frills, no nonsense and looks good enough to be pleasant on the eye.


Gentoo is my OS of choice, featuring enough flexibility for me to get what I want, and not much more, and a great opportuinity for me to do what I like. Mess with systems. I've been a developer for quite some time now, starting with Gnome desktop maintainance, and since then refocusing on other areas of interest. (User interaction, QA, Reliability are a few of them.)


TakeIT is where I spend parts of my weeks, working on the Gnome desktop (based on Fedora Core 1) into a reliable and simple end user system, thats well supported in translations and meets end user expectations on tools and functionality.

Project Chinstrap

This is an attempt at making up-to-date binaries for Gentoo, by using speciaized scripts to produce reliable binaries. Check it out for a faster installation of Gentoo.